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Luke 10:1-24 (key verse: 10:1)
“After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.”

1.Read verses 1-3. After teaching about the cost of discipleship, what did Jesus do? Where did he send them and why two by two? (Ecc 4:9,10; Mt 18:19) How did Jesus view the world into which he was sending them? (2-3) What prayer topic did he give them?

2.What should they take and not take with them? (4) What principles is he teaching? Read verses 5-7. What gift do they bring to the home they enter? Why not move around?

3.Read verses 8-12. What must disciples do in a town that welcomes them? What is their main message? (9; Mk 1:15) Why is this message good news for those that welcome them? What should they do when they are not welcomed?

4.Read verses 13-16. What were the cities over which Jesus lamented? What do these cities have in common? How are they compared to Tyre, Sidon? How is Capernaum compared to Sodom? Why is one’s response to Jesus a matter of one’s ultimate destiny?

5.Read verses 17-20. Why were the seventy-two so joyful upon their return? What was the nature of their mission? What was the reason for their success? (19) What did Jesus teach them about the real joy? (20)

6.What was Jesus’ source of joy? For what did he praise God? (21) How does he describe his relationship with God? Read verses 23-24. Why are Jesus’ disciples blessed people?