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Mark 5:21-43 
Key Verse: 5:36
Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” 

1. Read verses 21-24a. Who was Jairus? What made him to come to Jesus? What did he ask Jesus to do? How did Jesus respond to his request? 

2. Read verses 24b-29. Who hid in the crowd and intercepted Jesus? Describe her condition. What did she believe in after she heard about Jesus? What happened to her when she touched Jesus’ cloak? 

3. Read verses 30-34. Why was this woman’s touch different from that of many pressing towards Jesus? (Also, Lk 4:25-27) Why did Jesus keep on looking for the woman? Why was it so important for her to reveal herself and confess what had happened? How did Jesus bless her? What can you learn from this? 

4. Read verses 35-37. What happened while Jesus was speaking to the woman? How might the messengers’ words have affected Jairus? (35) How did Jesus counsel him? Why do you think Jesus did not let anyone follow him except the three disciples? (37) What do you learn from the way Jesus helped Jairus in that critical situation? 

5. Read verses 38-43. What was going on when Jesus arrived at Jairus’ house? How did Jesus overcome the atmosphere of death and make an atmosphere of faith? Read verses 41 and 42. What do you learn from Jesus who raised the little girl from death?