LOVE YOUR ENEMIES (Luke 6:27-49)

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 Luke 6:27-49 (key verse: 6:27)

“But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,”

  1. Read verses 27-31. What command did Jesus give to “you who are listening?” How are the acts of enemies described? How did Jesus tell his disciples to respond? How is it possible for us to practice this love? (Jn 3:16; Ro 5:8) What does verse 31 mean?


2. What do the repeated words “if you…even sinners…” imply? (32-34) In contrast, what does Jesus command of his disciples? (35) What is their reward? What can we learn here about the nature of love Jesus wants us to have? (36) How do we prove to be God’s children?


3. As disciples of Jesus, what should we not do, and what should we do? (37-38a)? Why do people judge and condemn others? What are the consequences? Why is it important to forgive others and to give generously? What blessings does Jesus promise to those who give? (38).


4. What is the spiritual meaning of being blind and what is the danger of such blindness? (39) Who are the student and the teacher in this parable? (40) How did Jesus teach the importance of training to this disciples?


5. How does Jesus describe hypocrisy? (41-42a) To what do the words “plank” and “speck” refer? How can this parable be applied to us? How can we avoid hypocrisy? (42b)


6. Read verses 46-48. If we call Jesus, “Lord,” what must be our attitude toward his word? How does the wise builder build his house? How can we dig deep and lay a solid rock foundation in our lives? Describe the importance of putting God’s words into practice (49).