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Luke 7:1-17 (key verse: 7:7b)

“But say the word, and my servant will be healed.”

After finishing his teaching, where did Jesus go? (1) What was the position of a centurion and the condition of slaves in the Roman Empire? What is unusual about this centurion’s attitude toward his servant? (2) What might he have heard about Jesus? (3)

Read verses 4-6a. What was Jewish elders’ attitude toward Jesus and the centurion? (4-5) What does this tell us about the centurion? How did Jesus respond? (6a)

What did the centurion realize about himself and about Jesus? (6b-7a) What did he ask Jesus? (7b) How could he have such great respect for Jesus’ word? (8) How did his soldier training affect his understanding of the authority of Jesus’ word?

Read verse 9. How did Jesus respond to the centurion’s words? What was special about this man’s faith? How did Jesus bless his faith? (10)

Read verses 11-12. Where was Jesus going and who was with him? What kind of crowd did he meet as he neared the town gate? How might the death of her only son have affected this widow and the people of her town?

When Jesus saw the widow, what was his immediate response? (13) What do the words “Don’t cry” imply? Read verses 14-15. When Jesus touched the bier what happened? What did Jesus’ words “Young man…get up!” mean to him? What does this teach about the authority and power of Jesus’ word? (Jn 5:28-29a; 11:25, 43-44)

How did the crowd of people react to this event? (16) How did this event affect the surrounding country? (17)