THE LORD VISITS ABRAHAM (Genesis 18:1-19:38)

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Genesis 18:1-19:38 
Key Verse: 18:19 
1. Read 18:1-8. How did Abraham show hospitality to the guests? What does this event show about Abraham and his family? About the Lord? About Abraham’s relationship to the Lord?
2. Read 18:9-15. What was the message of good news they brought? What was Sarah’s response to the good news? Did they want her to overhear? Why? How and why did the Lord rebuke her? What did he want her to learn?
3. Read 18:16-21. What was God’s promise to Abraham (18-19)? Why did the Lord decide to reveal to Abraham what He was about to do? What important lesson about God should Abraham’s descendants learn from God’s dealing with Sodom?
4. Read 22-33. What was Abraham’s prayer topic? Why was he so concerned about Sodom? What was the basis of his request to God? What did he say about himself? What can we learn about prayer from him? What can we learn about God from this conversation?
5. Read 19:1:20. How did the people of Sodom treat Lot and his guests? How had Lot been influenced by the Sodomites? What did God’s servants decide to do? Why was it so hard for Lot to leave? What request did he make? Why? Why did he finally leave? What does this show about God’s grace?
6. Read 19:21-38. What happened to Sodom? To Lot’s wife? Why was Lot spared? What was the problem of Lot’s daughters? How did they rationalize their sin? Are there any modern parallels? What can you learn from contrasting the faith and lives of Abraham and Lot?