THE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS (1 Corinthians 1:1-31)

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1 Corinthians 1:1-31
Key Verse: 1:18

Read verses 1-9. Who wrote this letter, and to whom is it written? (1-2) On what basis does Paul give thanks for the believers in Corinth? (4-7) What does he believe about their future? How could he believe this? (9)

Read verses 10-17. What is Paul’s appeal to them? (10) Over what were they quarreling? (12) How did Paul bring them back to the proper perspective? (13-16) What was the focus of Paul’s ministry? (17) Why?

What are the two responses to the message of the cross? (18) How does God deal with human wisdom? (19-20) How does God work to save people? (21) Why does Paul talk about human wisdom and God’s wisdom here? (17)

Read verses 22-24. What characterized Jewish and Greek culture? Despite this, what did Paul keep doing? (23) What was his confidence? (24-25)

What kind of people were the Corinthians when they were called? (26) Why did God call people like them? (27-29) How and by whom had they been changed? (30) Why did Paul mention these things to them? (31)