“THIS IS MY SON; LISTEN TO HIM” (Luke 9:28-36)

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Luke 9:28-36 (key verse: 9:35)
“A voice came from the cloud, saying, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.””

1.What had Jesus said about eight days earlier? (28; 21-27) Where did he go and with whom? At this moment, why did Jesus need to pray? Consider this in regards to Jesus himself and his disciples.

2.What changed as Jesus was praying? (29) How does this reveal a glimpse of his glory? (Jn 17:5b; Rev 1:12-17) How is Jesus’ prayer related to his glory?

3.Who else appeared in glorious splendor and what did they talk about? (30-31) Who were they and why did they appear at this moment? (24:26-27, 44, 46) What is the significance of “departure” (in Greek “exodus”)?

4.What were the disciples doing, and what did they see? (32) What did Peter suggest and what does this reveal about his mindset? (33)

5.What does the cloud represent and how did the disciples respond? (34; Ex 24:15-16) Read verse 35. Who is Jesus? (3:22) What did God command them to do? How should they view his teaching? How did this event affect them? (36; 2Pe 1:16-19)