TO US A CHILD IS BORN Isaiah 8:1-9:7

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Isaiah 8:1-9:7
Key Verse: 9:6

*FEAR GOD (8:1-22)

1. What did Isaiah name his 2nd son? What did it mean? What was God’s second message to Ahaz? (4) How did he respond to God’s gentle words? (6a)

2. To what did Isaiah compare the Assyrian invasion? (7,8) How would God continue to show mercy to his people? (8-10)

3. What warning did God give Isaiah? (8:11, 12) Why not fear what the people fear? (13) For whom is God a sanctuary? For whom is he a stumbling stone? (14,15)

4. Read verses 19-22. How is the darkness described? What do people depend on? What did Isaiah do in this situation? (16-18) What does it mean that he and his children are signs? What can we learn from him?


5. What was the hope of God Isaiah saw for his suffering people? (1a) How had God disciplined them in the past? (1b; 2Ki15:29b) How would he honor them in the future? (1c,2; Mt4:15,16)

6. Read verse 2. What does it mean to walk in darkness? To live “in the shadow of death”? What has God done for such people? Who is the “great light”? (Jn8:12) How does Jesus dispel the elements of darkness and death?

7. What is the ultimate fulfillment of God’s promise to restore his people? (Read verse 6a.) How the news of a newborn child give people hope? Who is this child? (6b) Why did God come to the world in this way? (Lk2:7; Jn1:14) How did this express God’s love and way of salvation?