Church College Park

Bible Study at Our Church in College Park

Do you need help understanding the word of God? If you are looking for a Bible study around College Park, MD, we invite you to come to Washington UBF. During Bible study you will be introduced to the world of God and love. You will learn everything about Christ and you will understand why he gave His life for us. A better understanding of the Bible will make you feel closer to God. Let the love come into your heart and mold you into a new person. Remember that happiness can only come if you open your heart to it. 

Here at Washington UBF, we are a non-denominational church in College Park, whose focus is to study the Bible, grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and live according to his teachings. Not only will you learn more about His teaching during Bible study, but you will also hear testimonials on how Christ is working through our church members and how they are making the most of their faith while embracing life’s imperfections.You’ll find that other people’s testimonies can be a way to lift you up and guide you towards a more spiritual and more fulfilling life. You will find these moments to be very uplifting. When I’m having a moment of doubt, insecurity, or darkness, you can always turn to the Lord. 

Our local Christian church in College Park is the place to be if you feel like you are lost or just need to be rejuvenated with the Word of God. Let Christ bring you back into the light. Christ is always there with us. Learn more and come to a Bible study today!