Adult Worship Service

11 AM - Main Sanctuary 

We gather for our adult worship service at 11 AM on Sundays in the main sanctuary. The service starts out with a session of CCM praise & worship and is followed by the recitation of the Apostles' Creed, prayer, hymns, scripture reading, and a sermon.  The services typically last about 1.5 hours, followed by fellowship prayer meetings. Afterwards, lunch is served in the Manna Dining Hall. We provide a live stream of the worship service in our nursery for parents with infants. 


For children ages 3-12, a children's worship service is held at 9 AM in the 206 East Coast Prayer House (the building right on Metzerott Road, off of the church parking lot). During the adult worship service at 11 AM, the children stay in the same building for childcare. 

9 AM - Prayer House

Children's Bible Fellowship (CBF)


Youth Group Service

9 AM - Youth Hall 

For middle and high school students,  youth worship service is held at 9 AM in the Soaring Eagles Youth Hall of the main church building.