Understanding the Powerful Benefits of Bible Study

It is important to study the Bible for many reasons. For one, it keeps us from sinning against God. It helps us become more like Christ. And it gives discipline and structure to our daily lives. But there's much more going on in studying Scripture than just these "practical" things. Bible study provides us with a boatload of benefits, too. Here are seven things you can expect when you study God's word:

1)Bible study Will Transform You

When you study God's truth, He changes you from the inside out. You must be careful to read the Bible daily, not just on Sunday mornings during church service. Make a habit of reading daily, and you will start to see your life transformed.

2)You Will Find Answers

The Bible does not just encourage us; it gives guidance and practical advice for all areas of our lives. It also contains instructions about ordering our relationships, financial decisions, parenting choices, and handling conflict in an office or business environment.

3)You Will Have a New Vocabulary

The Bible is full of thousands of unique and powerful words, phrases, and metaphors. When you study Scripture diligently, you'll add some beautiful phrases to your vocabulary, phrases that add depth to the way you communicate with others. Plus, there are innumerable figures of speech in the Bible that we miss if we aren't familiar with them, such as irony, euphemism, and metonymy.

4)Bible Study Will Equip You to Share the Gospel

As you study and learn what God's Word says about who Jesus is and what He has done for us, it will inspire you to tell people around you that He loves them. And when you've meditated on what God's Word says about salvation, you'll be ready to respond when people ask you how they can receive eternal life.

5)You Will Have Peace During Trials and Suffering

The Bible doesn't promise we won't face struggles and trials. But it does tell us that God is in control, and He will not give us more than we can handle. We must read His Word, trust Him for strength and remember to praise Him during the tough times of life. Then we can be confident that everything will work out for our good.

6)You Will Have a Foundation for Parenting

The Bible is packed full of advice on how parents should raise their children and when kids make poor choices. If you're a parent, study God's Word carefully. It will help you discipline your children in the right way, and it will inspire you to love your kids unconditionally, no matter what they do or don't do.

7)You'll Be Motivated to Study Even More

If you haven't prioritized studying the Bible, don't expect getting started to be easy. But once you start yielding to God's Spirit and seeing the benefits, you'll want to study even more. The rewards will be well worth it!

Don't let anyone discourage you, including yourself. Don't be lazy or think that the only way to learn God's Word is by attending seminary. Bible study has changed people's lives for generations. You can start changing yours today.

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