Youth Group

Why Joining a Youth Group and Children’s Church Service is Essential for a Solid Spiritual Foundation

Do you want your child to learn more about Christ and have fun doing so? One way to get your child more active with church and the Lord is by having them join a youth group. Although, as parents, we view ourselves as the main spiritual influence of our kids, joining a strong youth group and children's church services can play a vital role in your child’s spiritual journey. When your child joins a youth group, they will be around peers around their age who can reinforce all the spiritual truths that they are being taught. It helps build a sense of community for your child, where they will have others you can encourage them and lift them up when things are not going their way. More importantly, enrolling your child in a youth group and having them participate in a children's church service can help build a spiritual foundation for the rest of their life. 

If you are looking for a great place to bring the family, especially the kids, to hear the Word of God then Washington UBF has what you are looking for. Our youth group and children’s church service is a place where your children can learn more about Jesus and his teachings! Our youth groups offer a one of a kind interactive set up that is designed to be engaging, educational, and memorable. It's also a unique way to present the Gospel to the younger generation in a way they are more open and receptive to. At Washington UBF, we take our ministry very seriously and every single one of our youth leaders and staff members have a deep passion to teach kids about Jesus and to be role models for the next generation. This is a very safe environment for your kids to grow in their faith and their understanding of the Scriptures. Join us today!