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Registration has closed.

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

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Group Bible Study Questionnaires

GBS #1 - John 9

GBS #2 - Isaiah 6


Frequently Asked Questions



Please reach out to us at for more information about late registration. 

Please contact if any changes need to be made.


The prices below show the total cost for attending all days of the conference. The costs include room accommodations for all nights, a full meal plan, and additional fees. 

Standard Dorm

Family Suite (reserved for families with at least one CBF child)

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 7.06.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 7.05.24 PM.png

There are two types of rooms:

  1. Standard dorms are composed of two beds with access to a communal bathroom. These rooms are best for most people.

  2. Family suites are reserved for families with at least one CBF child. These suites are composed of two rooms with two beds each, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Due to the conference site policy, families will not be allowed to use the stove or oven. They will be able to use appliances, such as the refrigerator and microwave. 



  • Linens (pillow, blanket, mattress cover) are provided by the conference site for $6 per person. 

  • Standard dorms

    • $28 per night for people ages 12+

    • $17 per night for children ages 6-11

    • $0 per night for children ages 0-5

  • Family suite

    • $28 per night for CBF Children aged 12, JBF/HBF, College students, Graduate (non-full-time working), First-Time Attendees

    • $34 per night for other adults

    • $17 per night for children ages 6-11

    • $0 per night for children ages 0-5

You may customize a meal plan by selecting the mealtimes you would like to participate in on the registration form.


  • Ages 12+

    • $6 per breakfast

    • $10 per lunch

    • $11 per dinner

  • Ages 6-11

    • $4 per breakfast​

    • $7 per lunch

    • $9 per dinner

  • Ages 0-5

    • No cost​ for meals

In the case of food allergies, menus will be posted at the food line and it will be noted if the items contain any allergens. Please indicate in the registration form if you have any severe food allergies. Arrangements can be made to have your meals made separately in order to avoid any cross-contamination.

There are facility, conference, and miscellaneous fees apart from room and board costs. These fees vary case by case but range from $0-$40. Some cases, such as children, JBF/HBF, college students, and first-time attendees receive discounts. If you want more detailed information about room/board or additional costs, reach out to

Please pay in advance if possible. If that is not possible, please give your payment to Mary Diamond at the registration booth at the conference site.


You may pay with the following options:

  1. Personal check made payable to University Bible Fellowship. We recommend this option as there is no additional processing fee.

    • For Washington chapter members, you may place the check in the offering box

    • For other chapter members, you may mail the check to the Washington UBF Church at 3604 Metzerott Rd., College Park, MD 20740

  2. Paypal but you must select the option to cover the mandatory transaction fee which is $0.30 + 2.2%.

[CITYPNG.COM]Download PayPal Yellow Payment Button PNG - 2100x770.png


You can find the floor plans and room pictures here.

We will try our best to assign you with the person you listed as your preferred roommate on the registration form. Please communicate with this person ahead of time to ensure that you both list each other’s names.

The standard dorm rooms are located in Cedarwood and the apartments are located in Parkwood Apartments.

The conference site will provide a pillow, blanket, and sheets for each bed and a towel and washcloth per person. All linens distributed by the conference site should remain in the room upon checkout. 

If you are concerned about your family’s rooming situation, please see if any of the following scenarios apply to you. If you still have concerns after reading the scenarios below, please email Sarah Kim at for support.

  • Families with at least one child aged 0-5 should choose the family suite room accommodations. 

  • CBF children must room with a parent/guardian.

  • Your family may choose standard dorm room accommodations if one parent and one child aged 8-11 pair up to share a room. For example, a mom and her 11 year old daughter may choose a standard dorm room accommodation and room together. 

  • If you are a family of 5 and choose the family suite room accommodation, note that there are only four beds available. One member of your family can sleep on the sofa located in the small living space.


Masks are encouraged but not required for all indoor meetings, such as the services. The conference site does not have a mask mandate. 

No, you are not required to get tested for COVID before arriving on the conference site. However, we strongly suggest that you monitor yourself for any symptoms and be mindful about the health of others. 


This year, due to the present risk of the coronavirus, a medical team has been formed to help ensure the safety and well-being of all our conference attendees. The medical team will send out more detailed information about safety protocols as the conference date nears.


Yes, children must register using the separate child registration form.

Yes, there is a CBF childcare program. Childcare will be provided for the main message and evening programs. Please make personal arrangements among families for early morning messages and afternoon interest group sessions. Please note that children on campus must be supervised by an adult at all times. 


Parents of children ages 6-12 joining the CBF childcare program must serve a childcare shift. Children ages 0-5 may also join the CBF childcare program IF they are accompanied by a parent. Parents will be contacted with more information by the childcare program coordinator at a later date.

Childcare will be located in the East Dining Hall and the South Dining Hall of the Northlawn Building.

No, there is no age restriction regarding who is allowed to enter, but please make sure to register all children who are attending the conference. Children ages 0-5 incur no cost for rooming and meals.



Yes, there will be interest groups on Friday (7/8) afternoon from 1:30 to 3:30 PM. You can find more information about the various interest groups below.

SBC22 IG.png

There will be no special offering. For regular tithes and offering, please give as you usually do to your home chapter.

No, the conference will be completely in-person with no virtual option.

You can access the EMU Campus Map here. You can also access an interactive version of the campus map here.

You can find more information about the local attractions in Harrisonburg using the following links:

Unfortunately, we were not able to order the T-shirts that were available during the registration period. If you have already paid your conference fee including your T-shirt price, we will refund you the cost during check-in at the conference site. If you have not yet paid, please deduct the T-shirt cost ($15) from your total. 

There are several athletic facilities available for the public on a first-come, first-served basis:

  • Sand volleyball court

  • Outdoor tennis courts

  • Outdoor basketball courts

  • Outdoor track


We have reserved the indoor gym for basketball, soccer, and badminton. The indoor gym will be available in the afternoon and evening times. Basketballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls can be checked out. 


Additionally, we will be renting the indoor climbing wall during afternoon free time. If you are interested, please indicate on the registration form that you are interested and more details will be provided closer to the date. However, since space is limited, people that sign up earlier will be given priority. A liability form must be signed before participation. 


Other recreational facilities:

  • Game room - ping pong, billiards, foosball

  • Fitness trail through a five-acre woods

  • Arboretum

Yes, both Cedarwood and Parkwood Apartments have coin-operated laundry machines. If you plan to do laundry during the conference, you will need to bring quarters. 

By selecting "yes" to our photo release question on our registration ("I grant permission and consent to the Washington UBF Media Team the right to edit, alter, copy, and make use of all photos and or videos taken of me to be used in and/or for promotional materials".), you are giving the Washington UBF Media Team the right to edit, alter, copy, and make use of all photos and or videos taken of you to be used in and/or for promotional materials without payment or consideration. This grant of use includes but is not limited to publishing on the Internet and e-mails, magazines, pamphlets, advertisement flyers, and in whatever other manner the Washington UBF Media Team finds useful or for any other lawful purpose.


By selecting "no" to our photo release question on our registration, you are agreeing to be responsible for not participating in any photo taking by the organization and staying muted during recordings.

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