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At University Bible Fellowship (UBF), we believe that having fellowship with each other can lead us to grow strong in faith individually. Here are some opportunities to join our community throughout the week.

Pastor Phillip was born and raised in Georgia. Though he confessed faith in Jesus Christ and was baptized before high school, he was richly blessed to have studied the Bible 1:1 with a missionary through University Bible Fellowship during his days as a struggling college student. Through Bible study, God gave him a calling to serve the Lord and honor His name with his life. After spending more than 8 years serving in a foreign land, God called him and his family back to the United States in an unexpected way. In the fall of 2017, he took over as director of Washington UBF from original founder Jacob Lee. He longs for others to meet Lord Jesus personally through the Word of God and serve Him. He is happily married to Sarah, an amazing woman of God, and they have 2 sons together. He is an avid Atlanta Braves fan and asks that you not hold this against him. 


KOIN (short for koinonia) is a UMD campus organization that focuses on cultivating Christian fellowship through Bible study, worship, and God-centered discussions. We are meeting in the Stamp Union at UMCP throughout the semester. For more information, fill out our contact form here or email us at

College ministry: koin
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"As a one-to-one Bible study student and teacher, I’ve been able to receive God’s personal love and give God’s love. Sometimes those I teach would experience things that felt impossible for them to go through. I witnessed their struggles which was similar to mine at times and was able to say and believe that God is in control and to trust Him. That struggle which seemed so huge and overwhelming can be overcome. I felt relief and thankfulness seeing the victory God has given me by getting through what I was able to get through so that I could counsel another individual and experience compassion. One-to-one helps us to experience Jesus.”

   ~ E. Brooks, June 2020 

In one-to-one Bible Study, two people and the Word of God come together for the purpose of knowing Jesus Christ, seeking the truth, and obeying the will of God. Each Bible Study begins with the reading of a set passage, prayer, and recitation of the passage’s key verse. Each person eagerly examines the scriptures inductively to understand what God wants us to know. Our analyses are led by question sheets and the Holy Spirit, which guide us to the main points of each passage. No two Bible Studies are ever the same as each study is tailored by God for each person seeking Him. Through continually meeting one-to-one, we grow closer to God and to each other in sweet fellowship. Do you believe that God exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him? Find out today through 1:1 Bible Study!

one-to-one bible study

​Our fellowship groups meet during the week to study the weekly Bible passage, share testimonies, and enjoy food and fellowship together. It's a great opportunity to get involved with a small group of committed believers who are serious about studying the Word of God and having fellowship with one another as the Bible commands us. Currently fellowships meet during the evenings on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday nights. We invite you to come and see! 

Group Bible Study
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Youth Group is for middle and high school students. We usually meet on Saturdays at 10 AM for a time of worship, Bible study, and fellowship. Our desire is for young people to know Jesus intimately and obey Him wholeheartedly. 

youth group

The Washington UBF Orchestra is a group of musicians that accompany the hymns for every Sunday worship service, as well as perform pieces for special events and occasions throughout the year.  We pray that our music inspires, strengthens, and encourages all attendees to fix their eyes on Jesus and to have a renewed and joyful spirit.  We currently have pianists, violinists, flutists, and cellists and would love to welcome more musicians to serve with us. 

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