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Updated Mask Policy and Communion Services

Dear all,

This week the church board approved two new measures.

First, going along with our local laws and ordinances we have made mask wearing inside the church optional. Though you no longer are required to wear a mask inside the church we encourage you to still err on the side of caution and consider wearing one if you have any concerns whatsoever. If and when the local laws mandate mask wearing inside again we will follow.

Second, from now on we will offer communion in our church four times a year. In years past we did at conferences with other UBF chapters but now that we have grown into a church, it is imperative that we offer communion services regularly for our members. Scripture says that for as often as you do this you proclaim the Lord's death until He comes (1 Cor 11:26). All the more reason to do it more often! Look for the first communion service sometime later in April.

Thank you for your understanding and support


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